This journey was filled with frantic running around the house, directional expletives and other chaos that is not captured behind these photos.

I chose my house because bruh, pandemic. I chose different light settings to capture the boat to show off different textures of the 3-D print. I’m also quadriplegic so I’ve had to have my little sister (9) take the photographs for me. Her and I grabbed the camera and began.

In all I am very happy with how our journey unfolded. There was no real game plan going into it and I feel like that spontaneity during the 15 minutes led us down interesting paths. The whole process and directing of my little sister was also interesting in itself. I got to direct her in all of the photos and we had a good time doing it. She was very helpful in the creative process. Some of her ideas for locations were the Christmas tree and the dog bowl. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to take a lot of redo shots. She’s pretty good already at taking pictures.

I wanted to emphasize two main points in photography through this story – lighting and backgrounds. As you notice throughout the story we are either using natural sunlight or artificial yellow light. In the futuristic looking photo “BEN” and then the darker, more comfy feeling picture with the circular light are exposed with LED. These different lights drastically affect the outcome of the picture and the vibe it gives off. I think this is why my favorite picture is the futuristic “BEN” photo. The lighting is just so good and it really brings out the subject while simultaneously providing a well lit background that looks clean. Undoubtedly the most fun part of the project was coming up with the story on the fly all whilst being under the clock.

I have included my favorite picture from the Safari below

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