A Song In The Distance

Inspired by the digital project Played From Another Room.

The idea of this project is to create audio but specifically to make it sound like it’s being played from another room.

At the :20 mark you can hear where I have done so.

I wanted to let the song open up naturally with no effects so that listeners can, in real time, notice the difference.

Notice how you feel for the first twenty seconds and then notice how that’s different shortly after my effect comes in.

This is what audio in digital storytelling is all about.

Sound change evokes change in emotion and thought.

Here’s how it was done.

I have a lot of familiarity with GarageBand and so that’s the audio software I’ll be exploring with you.

Open GarageBand.

It should look something like this. You may not have ever used GarageBand before so this page might be blank.

Different room audio

The important part on this page anyways is the “+” button. Right there in the top right. Hit the “+” button and then your screen will look like this:

From that screen in the video, you’ll select your first instrument – whatever you want!

You can always add more instruments after this screen like I have below. There is a little “+” button near the bottom left of the screen. This is how you add a new instrument.

Different room audio

There really is no tutorial on how to create your own music. The parts up to you. But after you have recorded some thing that you’re happy with. You can add an effect.

The washed out, sounding like from another room, affect that I obtained was from using a reverb setting. That’s a picture of this below:

Different room audio

These are really fun to play with. You just kind of move your finger around to get different filters of the same effect. Also, there are tons of other effects to play with.

Now that you’ve got your song and the effect on it. It’s time to export.

Exit back to the home screen you started on and select your track. If you long-press, you will be prompted with this screen. Press share.

Different room audio

This is the next screen you’ll see. Select song.

Different room audio

Now. You have to specify how you would like to export the audio file.

I highly recommend exporting as a WAV file. SoundCloud is very picky about the audio files you can upload. You will have no trouble with a WAV file.

You can make that selection on this screen:

Different room audio

You’re almost done.

You have to choose where you’re going to save this new audio file. Since I work exclusively on an iPad, saving to your “Files” works best. Notice the “save to files“ button. Hit that one now.

Different room audio

That’s it. Go to SoundCloud, upload your file, double check it to make sure it works and go have a coffee! Congratulations.

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