Fish N Chips Please M8

I play both characters in this imaginary, probably has happened before, scenario where a gentleman from the UK is placing his McDonalds order in America.

Inspired by the May I Take Your Order? project.

I did the voices within GarageBand.

First, it’s simply creating separate audio tracks.

Open GarageBand. Select “+”.

You’ll see this. Select it to create an audio track.

Record the two voices separately and once you have both audio tracks you will want to delete parts on one of the track where both of your voices are talking at the same time.

If you select “FUN” whilst your in the microphone you’ll get a bunch of cool effects you can use.

Once you delete the parts you need to it will look something like this:

You can select individual segments like the one below and do with it what you would like. Move it around. Trim it. Fade in or out,

Add in any free sounds you want to help tell your story and that’s it!

Slurping cup sound by user Lex777 and the London ambient traffic sound by user Adam_N

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