Storytelling With Audio Only

Inspired by Story Time, Fun Time!

Well. Not so fun of a plot.

Using only audio clips I have created the story of a man or woman who has possibly received some news and just can’t take it.

WARNING: This is a fictional audio story of a suicide.

Take notice to the different audio layerings that come together to create a congruency of sounds that create a followable storyline.

I’ve created my audio story completely in iMovie.

First, you’ll want to go to and collect all of your sounds you think you might use. Don’t worry you can always come back.

Here are the effects I comprised my story of:

  • Creepy lullaby
  • Car engine turnover
  • Car driving
  • Footsteps on a wooden floor
  • Gun load
  • Gunshot
  • Tire screech
  • Car crash
  • Heartbeat
  • Slow motion heartbeat
  • Birds chirping

When you select download they will show up in your browser right here shown below.

Once you have all of your downloads you’ll be able to find them within iMovie by selecting “Files” under the “Media” bar.

Right there on the right.

Your screen will look like this once you select “Files”

Just select which file you would like to load into your editor.

Start placing your audio files that you have downloaded in their correct positions.

It will start looking something like this.

The rest is really just lining up your audio files so that there isn’t a huge gap between any of them and that they are sort of flow together.

Now go create your own!

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