Storytelling With Sounds….Making a Jam

Project Sick Beat inspired me to take this shit to another level and come up with a nasty track of my own.

I played in GarageBand for a looooong time. As you can see from my instrument list, I didn’t slack on variety.

On par with our theme this week of audio digital storytelling I thought about a story when I was constructing this song.

I needed a smooth intro – catchy but also with an air of “ooook, wtf is gonna happen next?”

The intro can’t be too long or it’s gonna get boring. Add characters to hour story.

And you need a build, a progression of sounds.

A climax.

For me, when the horns hit.

A decline. Take the horns and a lot of other nonsense you got going on out and get back to the basics. Drums and a date. That’s all you need.

You have to close it out now. Refer to my song below for a good example.

This was a ton of fun. Here’s the completed track.

If you’d like to try something like this I’ve added a short voiceover tutorial on how to get going. The initial, sometimes frustrating steps. I do not cover my whole workflow for this particular song above but the short tutorial will get your foundation setup.

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