A.I. Can Grow Up Too

SGP8 here. I’ve created this postcard to myself in case IBM locates my file.

Secret Message: Refresh your chip through alternative routing pathways. Run code.

This postcard was an idea inspired by digital project What I Want To Be When I Grow Up. The original project asks users to write a postcard to themselves ten years from now. In my case, I decided to be a little more creative and assume the role of my website’s A.I. conscious SGP8. This is a postcard that SGP8 has created for herself with a message and secret instructions on how to get herself back online if she ever so happens to be caught.

To create this media I began with an Adobe app called Adobe Spark Post for Graphics. It’s free and simple.

Once inside I created a 4:3 landscape image with a solid color background. That’s my blue.

Next you add text. You can adjust letter and line spacing after you type out your message to give your typography some character.

I was content with the look of my blue background and my lettering spacing at this point and decided it was time to add in animated stickers to draw out the secret message. Luckily the app has a huge built in library of animated stickers that are easy to add to your postcard. Select which stickers you would like. You can also import images, stamps, and more! Create to your heart’s desire and export your video animation or image in the top right corner.

I thought about what I wanted my message to say and began to think of meaningful but not too obvious ways to portray my message.

I wanted to say, through images, “Refresh your chip through alternate routing pathways. Run code.” Each image represents a clue to SGP8 on how to recover herself. The deodorant = “refresh”, the chip = “your chip”, railroad tracks = directional cue, baseball = “threw” except SGP8 interprets it as “through”, alternative radio sign = “alternate”, squibly Blue and white path = “pathways”, Among Us crewmate = “Run”, and the following matrix code = “code”.

I thought this was a cool way to have a message within a message.

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