Using Adobe Spark I’ve created this Charity Ad!

I love this app. I have seen these types of charity asks on a few other websites before and I’ve always thought this idea was clever and not too pushy. I wanted to give it a shot myself.

Once inside Adobe Spark I selected a template from an in-app library. The particular template I chose came with the coffee mug, shadow, and the words “Monday” on it. I liked this template and decided this was the one I was going to use. You’ll be able to edit any part of the template you choose so don’t worry about picking one that appears to be too complicated to edit.

There are tons, and I mean tons, of templates to choose from.

Once I had my template and my basic idea I removed the letters of Monday simply by selecting them and then deleting them. They had to go. I then added in the D and NATE.

Just click the “Add+” button to add in your own text.

I went with “DONATE” because it allowed me to play typographically using the coffee mug image in a creative way, which adds to the message’s appeal (especially important when asking for donations).

I also had in mind that I wanted to make the donation process as easy as possible. That’s where my CashApp QR code scan image comes to play. I took a picture of my QR code, added that image to my template, and placed it in the top left corner where I wanted.

I tested it and it actually works!

I added another small little image of the CashApp logo underneath the QR code in case there was any confusion as to what it was or the source.

Next was to add my message at the bottom right of the frame. Short. Sweet. Simple. Those were the rules in coming up with it.

And that was it. Adobe Spark is great and these things are a breeze to whip up.

Lastly, change your background color to what you want.

I thought a variation of green that went with the CashApp logo, and money, was a smart decision congruent with the donation aim.

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