Grandma’s Volcano Tattoo

This was my first design project I’ve attempted over the past few days and, well, it’s no Mona Lisa, but grandma got her tattoo finally. She’s been seeing this guy for three weeks now and every waking second she nags me about taking her out so she can get a tattoo and pick up her prescriptions. Today I finally took her to the local volcano where she could fulfill her dreams.

Project inspired by Are We There Yet?

This was my first real attempt at using Photoshop to do something like this and I learned a great deal about blending and layers. Mostly, which buttons not to hit. And then, once, you hit the right one but such is life. Is it not?

So the design process…

In my head I had already culminated the idea of something ridiculous. A contrast. I wanted to put things together that didn’t belong.

Volcano. Elderly lady getting tatted. Tattoo artist. Weird? Check. “Ok go”I thought.

I started with my three images: the volcano, the woman, and the tattoo artist. All images were googlegrabbed from royalty free sites.

The volcano original

The woman original

The tattoo artist original

My first layer within Photoshop was my background. In my case the volcano was my first layer. To add your own background image select “add media”

Pretty easy so far.

Next, is to add another layer. This icon:

Your second layer is whatever image you’re ready to add to the background. For me, this was the woman. Using the rule of thirds I positioned the lady center left.

Time for the lasso tool so that the bits we want to erase can be erased. It’s best to zoom in so that you can be as accurate and get as close as possible while trimming around your subject.

This is the lasso tool:

Use the lasso like a pencil and draw a precise circle around the part you’ll erase. I was a newbie at this point and wasn’t precise enough which is why my overall quality is…meh.

Lastly, I added my third layer with the image of the tattoo artist. If you haven’t caught on yet…each image you add requires the addition of a new layer.

I repeated the same lasso deletion steps I did for the woman and did it for the tattoo artist so that the tattoo artist and the woman would match together.

All I mean is that I cut out the woman and the tattoo artist from their respective backgrounds.

There is a blending option. THIS will help your cropped images literally blend together so that they don’t look like my image. I obviously wasn’t good at this yet. This is where that function is within Photoshop:

Export your image. If you’re in ds106 don’t forget to upload it to Flickr;]. You’ve got yourself a brand new custom image made in Photoshop.

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