Wake Up And Type!

DS106 Propaganda Posters inspired me to create a very appropriate poster for my Digital Storytelling course at the moment.

I did all the work within Photoshop. Googlegrab whatever royalty free propaganda poster you want online and load that into your editor. Next, you’ll want to grab your dropper tool. It looks like this:

Wherever you click next will be the color you collect in the dropper. Click on the color you wish to grab. For mine it was the brown background. I needed to grab the brown color in order to cover over the words “REVOLUTION” and “FIGHT”.

After I grabbed the brown I selected the bucket tool. It looks like this:

Cover whatever part of the original poster you want to get rid of by now clicking with your background colored bucket. Your cover-up will be seamless.

Next, select the dropper tool again. Select the color of the letters you’re going to add now by clicking on a part of the poster with your desired letter color.

Now that you have your appropriate letter color, select the “text” icon to add your desired new text. It looks like this:

Type out your new message. Make sure everything is cohesive, save it, and you’re done! Trust, it’s easier than you think.

This is my most seamless piece of digital media I have created during this course yet. I can feel myself getting better at editing and it’s starting to show. This sort of project fits right in with my domain and I was happy to be able to make something that I am proud of.

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