Mission Control, Send Help

Inspired by the Video Crack Project

I take a very dramatic scene from the movie Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, and added an audio layer to the narrative that gives it a new, even more dramatic vibe.

Here’s my clip.

The idea from the beginning was really just….use the song “16” by Highly Suspect and then somehow incorporate space into it all.

It’s a love story this clip is really.

Now, to match the audio and the lyrics with the visuals.

That’s how I planned to take this love story of a scene and song and match them.

This is no easy task and a lot of times this is where a project either gets scrapped or really becomes something valuable.

Sometimes you can’t get the audio to work with the visuals you have orrrr the timing of everything is just wrong.

Here is a nice tutorial on how to add music and remove a clip’s original audio.

It was important to me to match the lyrics exactly to what was happening as so to make the whole scene seamless.

I wanted the quality to be as if the music could’ve been in the original scene.

I think I did that very well.

It was fun to take two completely separate medias and apply them to each other to create something new that makes sense.

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