New Chanel Fragrance

Inspired by the project Create A Commercial.

I took to iMovie to create a new commercial for Chanel (they pay the big bucks).

Ok let’s talk about that.

I love advertising.

Sometimes advertising is genius and sometimes it misses the mark so badly that you question how the people working there ever even got their job in the first place.

That’s why I love it in part. It’s dangerous. You can really create crap if you’re lazy.

If there’s an overarching theme in all of my recent work in digital storytelling it’s that if you’re lazy it show or sounds or looks.

Don’t be lazy.

Whenever I am listening to music I’m always listening out for music that would sound good in advertising and as a consequence I have an entire playlist of commercial worthy music.

I chose the song “The Open Letter” by Jonny Craig.

The dude makes epic music and the song fits well with model Lera Pentelute’s movements and video aesthetic.

The clips of her were taken from her Instagram and I re-purposed them in the video by chopping them, overlaying, arranging the new clips and adding blue filter.

The entirety of my editing tricks can be found in the iMovie tutorial video below.

I watched a few fantastic tutorials before diving into this project but I should mention that a lot of this work is just getting in there and playing around on your own!

For a great foundation I suggest this YouTube tutorial on how to make commercials in iMovie. This video really helped get me thinking about how to organize and execute my idea.

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