A Boat is a Boat

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A 15 minute short story for your eyes

I decided to 3-D print a miniature boat, known as a Benchy by printing enthusiasts, to take along on a journey around my house. Benchy, slang for a benchmark model 3D printers use as a quick and easy way to hone in printer settings. It’s a cute and iconic model in 3-D printing culture.

Ah, so we arrive to our first stop on this unique journey. Our only thought off the go was to get a shot with a clock…don’t forget the clock! We needed the time to document the beginning of our 15 minute adventure.egan.

Our next idea was to take the Benchy to a well lit area where we could really show off the layer lines. So we headed to my bedroom where I have this really bright cylindrical light. We placed the Benchy on the centerpiece and turned its back to us so that we could read the marking “BEN” on the back – short for BENchy.

In this next image you see that we stayed at the light fixture, however, we altered the light and camera settings (we really just held the camera at a different angle and got this cool filter) so that the Benchy and it’s environment exuded a darker, calmer feel.

Time to see if this thing actually floats! Not bad! Onward! We use my dog’s bowl to portray this engineering feat.

My sister and I were admittedly a little hungry halfway through this journey so we decided to stop in the kitchen for a snack and refuel the Benchy. My sister and I picked this apple for its vibrant color.

Contrary to our instincts we picked up a hitchhiker for a brief moment. She turned out to be innocent and just needed a ride to the Bermuda Triangle real quick. She was even kind and gave us some brownies she had cooked up earlier that morning.

It was time to float outside where we could get some natural light! We went out back and placed the boat on the railing of the deck so that we could get the nice background back there.

It was cold outside and before we decided to come back in we thought of a funny idea for the Benchy. We’ll let you figure it out…

The passengers on board were displeased to hear that no presents had been forgotten but nonetheless we were reaching the end of our journey and started to head back to port.

At 2:59 PM we arrived back at the port where it all began. What a journey! Very… unexpected.

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