Lying Is Fun!

Lie to your friends!

The idea of Honest Game Cover is to take an existing game cover and edit it any which way you see appropriate to better represent the game.

Among Us is one of the most popular games right now and it’s concept is hilarious which makes it perfect to play with Honest Game Cover.

You are the Imposter

In Among Us 10 players start a game and out of them, 1 to 2 to 3 of those players are anonymously and randomly chosen to be imposters. An imposter’s role is to kill all of the ‘crewmates’ and remain unknown to the crewmates before they finish their tasks. However, if a dead body is found or an emergency meeting called all of the players congregate (except for the dead, they aren’t allowed to communicate with the group anymore) and discuss who they all suspect the killer(s) might be. A democratic voting sequence takes place and whichever player gets majority votes gets booted out of the game and the game continues. The imposter(s) are also part of this conversing in between rounds often leading to carefully constructed, or not, lies in order to keep the crewmates off of their trail. Basically, every single game requires at least one member of the group to blatantly lie to the others for preservation of themselves….great life lessons.

So, how did I re-create this thing. Quite easily. Open photoshop, select the draw tool, adjust your marking settings (default worked fine), write away!

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