Make History, Now!

History is yours to take back! Manipulation is bliss!

I have re-created a photo from the Apple 2019 keynote presentation with Tim Cook to include myself as an honorary speaker. I was inspired by the project The Foest Gump Project. My main workhorse here was Photoshop. Here’s what went down. A simple googlegrab allowed me to snag a picture of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, at the 2019 annual Apple Keynote presentation. This became my first layer within Photoshop. Next it was time to add a second layer with the image of me. I placed my second layer where I wanted it and scaled it to size, careful to be cohesive with the first layer. The lasso tool was my last weapon. Once the lasso is equipped you’re able to lasso portions of the image you’d like to remove. This includes backgrounds. I removed all of the background I didn’t want. And vwala!

We’ve already seen media manipulation like when Hilary Clinton was removed from the Situation Room photo below. Her and another female staff member were removed by an orthodox Hasidic newspaper. “Der Tzitung has a policy of never publishing photographs of women, and decided to publish Obama’s situation room photograph with Hillary Clinton and counterterrorism director Audrey Tomason Photoshopped out of the frame.”

Notice a difference?

This particular digital project fits my site and can invoke thoughts about media manipulation. As we progress technologically we’ll only get better with editing and distinguishing the real from the fabricated will become very blurry. Interesting how the manipulation of media (history) can be used to uphold hegemonic values. Quite powerful. More reason than ever to preserve the truth.

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