New York to become Blood Emporium

Blood! Blood! Gallons of the stuff!

  • Need a new limb? Organ? How about just getting rid of that flimsy skin all together!
  • Want an upgrade?
  • We are beyond biology
  • Trade your blood for parts at the Blood Emporium!

1 pint = 1,000 cryptocredits

The Blood Emporium

This particular piece was a simple creation really. I first had to googlegrab a picture of New York City. But I didn’t want just any picture. I wanted it to fit my theme and I felt like this picture did just that. I chose a picture with a sort of a dome over it to help with the rhetoric and to perpetuate the idea of a hub. Next, I simply took the picture and edited it right there within my camera roll (iOS). I darkened the edges and then increased saturation and warmth to give it the blood look. I want people to think about the value of blood as the necessity for it becomes absent.

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