Teleportation Has Arrived!

Really feeding my emo and coronavirus cooped up feelings to put myself at a My Chemical Romance concert. But who’s kidding, I’d go anytime.

So I saw an idea to impose yourself into a concert setting. With the pandemic happening and concerts non-existent right now I though this was a great idea. Within the Visual Assignment Bank, from a previous student, I found Concert You Want to be At.

For this creation I used Photoshop where I took the concert image and created a first layer. I added a second layer with my image of myself and superimposed it to the bottom right of the frame. I then took the lasso tool and cropped off the bits that I didn’t want. Within the lasso tool I was able to toggle settings that allowed me to blend the edges of myself so that the two photos appear seamless. You only need one tool within the Photoshop software so the process is pretty easy to follow.

“When I was a college student, my professor…took me into the city…to see the final exam…”

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