Audio Creates Empathy

Jad Abumrad from Radiolab discusses at short how radio storytelling creates empathy more so than television (visual) storytelling.

And this is such a great point that I took.

because we have to fill this gap of pictureless-ness together, we become connected.

Jad Abumrad


Perhaps there already is or are psychology and/or communication research studies done into this but if not;

the effectiveness of strictly auditory communication to create higher levels of empathy in audience is certainly a worthwhile study.

This notion came to me from this listen.

I’d like to, and will, explore these ideas much deeper soon.

There certainly is something to say about how we might be more empathetically inclined when left to create images and characters on our own.

Perhaps we are all kinder than we all think we are.

Perhaps we can embed empathy into advertising the ways we do narcissism, consumerism and other no goods.

Here’s the interview.

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