ds106 Reflection


A lot to unpack.

I’ve never done anything like this. For the past twenty days I’ve felt like I’ve been working at a fast-paced digital design company scrambling to meet a deadline on Jan. 22.

There were moments, one in particular, that I was reasoning with the dark side. I almost quit once. It was the morning of the audio assignments becoming relevant. I was two weeks in at that point and when I say two weeks I mean day and night, no breaks but to sleep, for two weeks. I was feeling the weight and stress. Not only from the efforts I had already put in, but, the fact that I was only halfway done. There were still three more sections to accomplish and on top of all of these thoughts the audio assignments were not so patiently awaiting in my lap with less than 48 hours to finalize.

Nevertheless, I pushed on. And with my head high.

I chose the light in a moment of darkness.

I worked hard and diligently to achieve course requirements whilst making something I was truly proud of.

Going into this course I knew it would be fast.

I did not anticipate, however, absolutely zero off days. This feat alone I am proud to learn of myself. I can push myself harder than I thought and my pace here forth will remember these days.

This last project was a really cool way to bring all media types together into one cohesive story. Like the ultimate flex of our digital skills we’ve acquired over the last month.

The only thing I wish I could do different was to spend more time individually on each project. I think with a little more time put in to each project I could really make something special. Nonetheless, I always did the best I could with what I had and I don’t regret anything.

It’s been a whirlwind and it’s been an extreme learning environment.

My favorite creation was “A Design Blitz”. This project taught me a lot about design and allowed me to look at my own work and finally use some cool pictures to accompany a thorough analysis. It made the pictures more than just cool pictures that I had took. I turned them into something worthwhile with the design blitz.

Separately I appreciated the creative freedom this course allows AND promotes.

In all, I loved it. The class was a joy.

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