Falling by RadioLab

I had a great listen to Radiolab’s Falling,

The love story of a man with a disability that prevents him from recognizing faces.

This story was used to recognize the effectiveness of audio in digital storytelling.

The audio is constantly matching the verbal story.

The microphones sound very clear and close to the speakers’ mouths. It makes the story feel more intimate. A particularly advantageous production choice when telling a story about love and disability.

Sounds drive a story in a way of reinforcement. It’s like verbal language is functioning at 50% potential and audio is a +20% booster for effectiveness.

I mean, when the subjects are telling the story and they begin to cry it’s pretty sad… but… then these pianos start playing in the background at the same time they are talking and now my iPad is wet.

You know?

This listen made me think about how complex audio storytelling can be.

That there are layers.

You have the voice.

You have the music.

You have other sounds.

All dancing, weaving, into a beautiful story production.

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