Interacting With Other Digitals’ Work

Digitals referring to those who embody an online space.

Often we can stuck into our own trains of thought and it can be hard to break free or find a spark of inspiration. There’s help.

That’s definitely one thing I’ve really picked up on these last few days completing audio assignments. To get inspiration from your peers.

If nothing else a morale boost in your behind.

I was able to draw inspiration from these classmates’ creative processes, material produced and most importantly (for me) new ideas to consider for further study and understanding in storytelling.

Here are some of my most memorable interactions.

(If any of the pictures are blurry, which they are in my testing, please just click on the image to be taken to an HD version)

Henry Mill’s Q-Mercial,

I consider aural rhetoric. How evil.

Stella Swope’s Hilarious Take On An Iconic Song,

I reflect on songs as audio stories. I’ve always considered how much we humans put so much of our lives into looking up to musicians and it all seems so ridiculous if you just read what the musician has written.

Thanks to Stella for exemplifying this hilarious notion.

Ross’ Ghoul Be Gone,

I point fact towards a stronger ethos granted to the storyteller when audio positively adds an immersive layer like Ross’ well produced commercial did.

Ethos, credibility or trustworthiness; the message sender’s integrity is extremely important.

Especially when you’re trying to sell something. If your production is sloppy people will expect you to be sloppy in your deliverance of x product.

Ginny Summers’ The Sky Is Falling,

I consider a new, subtle camera shake to add to a GIF to add depth to the story. I know this is more of a Visual Storytelling take away, however, I still learned something and I thought it was cool.

Mia’s Do You Hear What I Hear?,

She introduced me to the idea of audio illusions which I will be diving into more later.

In all, I was happy to see everyone’s work and was even surprised at how amazing some of the productions were.

I’m glad to have more ideas to think about like aural rhetoric and audio illusions.

I might not have ever considered them had I not looked at my fellow classmates’ work.

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