Other Digital Interactions

Having looked thoroughly at other classmates’ work proved again to be both beneficial and inspiring. I got to see a lot of cool digital creations these past couple of days. I’ll go over a few of the most memorable below.

Stella’s “Fulfilling A Goal”.

I thought it was neat that she was able to learn from an assignment that we had to do and also make something cool for her dad simultaneously. And she made a sick little video! It turned out cool.

Macy’s “Italy (Before The Global Pandemic)

Macy provides a top notch tutorial on how to create a montage video.

Meghan’s “Create A Lyric Video”

Clean. Concise. A well polished first attempt at a lyric video.

Brittany created a very nice PSA that brought my attention to what is pretty much a freaking water crisis.

Each person offered something interesting. I even had wanted to do some of the assignments that they did but ended up being more interested in the ones that I chose to do so it was cool to see some of them completed, even if it wasn’t by me. It’s nice to be at home in what feels like an isolation and coming online to see that others are creating really cool things, working hard, as well.

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