TED Radio Hour and Scottlio Summary

The TED Radio Hour was a very useful way to demonstrate layering within a story. This short little segment clip was using many different layers as the woman told the story.

And you can feel how it helps the story.

When she would say that a child was laughing you would literally hear a child laughing.

The use of ambient music in the background also gives the story a unique depth.

Further, the TED piece lead me into another storytelling technique called The Squirm Test.

The Squirm Test was an interesting storytelling technique that I had never really heard of before.

In that particular piece they were covering a beaver trapper in Maine who’s house is particularly messy.

Long story short the interviewer wanted to keep the natural ambience of the man’s home for viewers to see, however, other producers of the show did not want to include the messy aspect of his house.

This brought up a very interesting point of storytelling to me. As the storyteller we choose everything that the audience sees. The things we choose to include or omit affect the story.

Sort of like a story within a story.

For instance, by choosing to include the messy aspect of the man’s home the audience gets an intimate perspective of his life ends more particularly a better understanding of what it is like in the life of a beaver trapper in Maine.

On one hand perhaps his messy home is viewed by the storyteller as a distraction to the bigger story.

So it’s justifiable both ways – to leave it in or also to take it out. There are good reasons for both.

The important thing to take and remember is that as the storyteller you have a unique power, whether you are aware of it or not, to influence the minds of the audience with your production choices.

This is extremely so an audio storytelling.

And so be very particular and careful in your choices.

Everything has a purpose. The small details matter.

Scottlo Lo Down Episode 11

Scottlo, in this episode, discusses a bit about a free iOS recording application that works really well and even has some helpful features.

The application is called Recordium. (Not shown in App Store)

Allows you to highlight recorded audio.

Timeline tags.

Allows you to set recording quality.

He also talks about the ability to choose your export file type and that this particular application can export in .WAV.

Easy to transfer over to Audacity.

Here’s the Recordium website .

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