January 12th Summary

In summarization of these past few days learning design techniques, it’s been great. I looked closer at some of the things I’ve learned in my reflection titled, “Design Semantics & Syntactics” of Massimo Vignelli’s book The Vignelli Canon.

What a great read. Vignelli is a true design maestro.

I completed two Daily Creates: “Neural Networks Unlocked!” and “First Your Cities, Then Your Minds!” and I’m really happy with how today’s turned out. It ended up turning into a story about a French scientist who discovers the neural network to finally link human and machine.

Plus, the app Silk 2 is just fun to play with. Here are a couple things you can do inside.

One of the coolest things I got to do was I got to analyze design techniques in my own photography. I cover this topic in my DesignBlitz.

This was a really neat Assignment where I got to look at my own photography and really think about how the techniques were at play. I cover Rhythm, Dominance, Contrast, and Metaphor/Symbols in design really well.

Here’s my Flickr album containing all of my media from my DesignBlitz

Separately, the design assignments got me to really get out of my comfort zone…and on a time crunch. Photoshop was a nightmare at first but I came around.

I wasn’t sure if Photoshop was going to even be viable after three or four failed attempts and for better I looked around and discovered another great digital tool Adobe Spark.

Between those two applications, I was able to complete my design assignments and learn new software.

Here are those 5 design assignments: “D O N A T E”, “New Issue of Woke Academia Out Now!”, “Wake Up And Type!”, “Grandma’s Volcano Tattoo”, and “A.I. Can Grow Up Too”.

The GIF Assignments were neat. I’ve created a ds106Reacts GIF here and also a 우리카지 GIF right here.

I initially had trouble getting the GIFs to load into my WordPress posts. I had to save the GIFs to my camera roll and export the GIF into WordPress directly from in my camera roll.

That took a long time to discover. Nonetheless, I prevail.

In all, I feel the best I have this entire course so far about what I’m creating and my general workflow.

Each assignment period I feel a greater sense of understanding to both the course requirements as well as my own sense of becoming a stronger, more intelligent digital presence.

The project I enjoyed the most was the DesignBlitz. I loved analyzing photos and really thinking about why they were great pictures. Why did they make sense at a very analytical level? That was fun. If I could do it differently I would only spend more time in my analyses to understand more. I’m sure I didn’t catch everything and there are so many ways to analyze photography.

The website is keeping its overarching satirical tone and I’m very happy about that.

Very excited to keep creating and learning at such a high pace.

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