January 15th Summary

In summarization of these last few days, regarding audio techniques within storytelling, I have so much more to consider than when I started this.

Audio storytelling led me to strongly consider further studies into aural rhetoric. The Jad Abumrad’s interview where he explores higher empathy in audio exclusive storytelling was the first thing that got my mind moving in the direction of aural persuasion as an area of study. I go a little more into those ideas in “Audio Creates Empathy.

I was able to put together two Daily Creates.Cobra Commander” and “Shakespearean Insult” where I both show off Cobra Commander’s gnarly cobra boots and remix Shakespeare’s famous quote to be more appropriate. I enjoyed making these little fictitious stories out of a singular idea.

GarageBand was a blast to work with these assignments.

I decided to use GarageBand primarily over Audacity because I’ve had a little bit, not much, but at least some experience with GarageBand.

This was my primary software for the audio assignments.

They total 12 stars.

Here are those assignments: “Storytelling With Audio Only”, “Fish N Chips Please M8”, “Storytelling With Sounds…Making A Jam”, “Auditory Hell”, and “A Song In The Distance”.

This was my greatest audio creation:

Audio was entirely different than any other medium and I’m proud of the things I was able to create and look forward to exploring these new skills further.

I summarize the “Moon Graffiti” assignment right here in “Falling by Radiolab”.

I reflect on my classmates’ posts in “Interacting With Other Digitals’ Work”.

I go more into this in my reflection but looking at other people’s work was very inspiring and gave me the most content with regard to new perspectives I hadn’t considered before.

My “TED Radio Hour and Scottlo Summary” is…ope you just passed it.

The thing I can work on the most is becoming a better tutorial instructor. That goes for my editing and my oration. I’m going to be focusing on how to make better tutorial videos as we move forward.

The website lost a few theme points over the audio assignments but that doesn’t take away from the work I’ve created. It was hard to be extremely creative and maintain a cohesive narrative all at once.

I’ll get better at this.

All said, I’m very proud to have a strong sense of accomplishment meeting the assignment requirements for this time period while learning and creating.

Larger socio-cultural examinations considering aural rhetoric expose themselves in the audio assignments.

I look forward to what’s next.

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