January 18th Summary

The Daily Creates really allowed me to grab the reigns back on the theme to my website. I created “The Awakening” typography graphic and “Carbon Skeleton Upgrade x1000 Stronger”. Starting my work day with Daily Create has proven to be a relaxed assignment that’s perfect to setup the rest of my workflow keeping my theme at the forefront of thoughts.

I’ve picked up some very insightful bits about video. Particularly some really cool things about what different parts of the screen mean intrinsically.

I reflect on this more in “Reading Movies – Roger Ebert”.

I enjoyed that short read, a lot.

Further, I got to analyze a movie scene in a unique way that I’ve never tried before. I reflect on that experience and share my notes during the experiment in “Reservoir Dogs Walking Scene Analysis”.

Next I got to apply some techniques I had picked up on for my Video Assignments. I created “New Chanel Fragrance” and “Mission Control, Send Help”. They total 8 stars.

I am really proud of these and they turned out even greater than I could’ve imagined. It’s like I’m…..learning something. Weird. ;)

Interacting with classmates’ posts was enjoyable and uplifting again. I always look forward to the things they come up with.

I comment and reflect on some of the most memorable ones in “Other Digital Interactions”.

My favorite part of this section was learning the intrinsic values different parts of the screen have. I thought this was pretty fascinating.

I am having trouble watching videos normally now without considering what I’ve read over the past few days. It’s really not so bad.

The most difficult thing is creating the blog post for my classmates’ creations. It’s not their fault or mine it’s just that we are up against such hard deadlines that most of our work isn’t even published until quite soon before the deadline. This means that I can’t complete the blog post until enough people have posted their work for me too comment on. It’s really not that big of a deal just a time management thing.

No further complaints though. Video is my strong suit and these assignments were just really fun!

Overall, everything is A-OK.

I’m feeling great about the website, my work, and the things I’m learning so quickly.

I’m learning to love the pressure cooker atmosphere.

I’ve gotten the theme of my site back in line a bit (something I mentioned in my last summary that I wanted to improve upon) with my rhetoric in my posts and I look forward to creating more!


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