January 22nd Summary

As I write my final summary for the course I feel relieved.

I feel accomplished more.

I never thought I could push myself so much and so consistently. Digital Storytelling told me much more about myself than just digital skills.

But wow, did I learn so many of those. My digital tool belt is crazy now! I can do anything, almost! And this class has taught me that if I don’t know to do it….if I completely commit myself for 72hrs I can probably figure it out. Or at least be well on my way to understanding whatever I’m trying to accomplish.

I reflect a bit more on the class here in “ds106 Reflection” where I even discuss a bit about the time I almost quit.

It’s a pleasure to mention again that my favorite project to complete was “A Design Blitz”. I’ve always wanted something to do with those pictures and that project allowed me to turn them into something really worthwhile.

I loved learning about design technique equally as much.

The Final Project – “SGP8’s Conception & Death“ turned out to be an incredible way for me to implement a bunch of different digital techniques in one whole package that’s presented as a story.

Here are the tutorials regarding media in The Final Project — “How To Animate A Picture”, “Creating A Graphic Animation”, and my tutorial on creating an audio story which is the same method I used to create the fake phone call between the IBM Engineer and an investor.

I do wish I only had more time to develop a better narrative with more character development, a more linear plot, and more time to figure out interesting ways to create new media for the story….but…I am still content with what I’ve done considering the time crunch.

I want to thank Dr. Polack and my few classmates who weathered this storm with me. It’s been a pleasure receiving feedback from everyone and more so to see all of the creations. I even made a few digital friends along the way I like to think.

It’s been a pleasure.

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