January 9th Summary

Visual storytelling has been a blast for me these last few days. I love using images to send a strong or complicated message, especially where words may fail. I’ve always loved the power behind symbols and so visual storytelling was a joy to learn about. The What Is Visual Literacy video provided great educational material concerning visual rhetoric, the grammar of looking, and more that I was unfamiliar with. I reflect more on that video and visual storytelling in my reflection piece We ARE the Digital Revolution.

I learned a ton from our assignments. The four or five different Visual assignments I chose to do were most enjoyable because of the creative freedom. Both creative freedom in that we were allowed to choose from a bank of ideas and also in the freedom to do whatever you want with the initial assignment apart from the topic. I liked that it’s up to you how you go about creating as well. There aren’t restrictions on software that we have to use and that encouraged me to look around for new ones. Admittedly, I stuck with programs that I was familiar with like Photoshop, but, a neat online tool that I found was this website that allows you to add textures to existing images. Of my starred assignments, my favorite creation was my post Make History, Now!inspired by The Forest Gump Project. It was really interesting to me the idea that it’s so easy to alter a picture and theoretically change history in doing so.

My Photo Safari was a great way for me to start thinking about how to plan images and plan my shots ahead of time in the future. I am quadriplegic but luckily I used the help of my sister to accomplish this task otherwise I don’t think it would’ve really been possible… I can’t handle a camera with my hands. I’m sure you’re curious how I do my work then. That’s another story. I dive more into my thoughts concerning digital censorship in my peace Make History, Now!

Further, I reflect on my Photo Safari in my Photoreflection

My other visual works include Teleportation Has Arrived!, Newspeak Glossary 3021, Lying Is Fun!, New York to become Blood Emporium, and New York to be Remembered by Artist before Demolition.

These were all a blast to work on! Other than the teleportation creation, I was able to fit the theme of my domain into my posts. This was really fun exploring those creative avenues given the visual criteria.

As for the Daily Creates I was able to pull the two off (shown below). The daily Creates are allowing me too be the most propagandist in my rhetoric. I am very much enjoying the randomness and creative freedom they provide. Another classmate Stella created a Daily Post that caught my eye “There is No News”. Her doom and gloom attitude would fit right in with what I’m creating over here in my domain and I think she has used visual storytelling in a creative way in her post.

Social and cultural implications of my work are always at the forefront of my work. That still stands true through our visual storytelling works. In fact, I believe visual rhetoric is the most powerful and this is why it is so important to understand. Social and cultural shifts are most affected by visual rhetoric. I felt that my creations reflected the attitude of my domain and perpetuated the particular rhetoric I am out to accomplish. I will continue pressing social and cultural buttons as I continue my work. I also look forward to other multi modal ways of expressing this soon to come.

Overall, I thought that I completed the work to the best of my ability given the time. The time constraints on this course are definitely the biggest hurdle and the workload is literally nonstop if you wish to accomplish it all. That said, that doesn’t take away from what I have learned. Only that I could’ve dug deeper and put more thought behind my creations give more time. After this class is over will be a great time to refine. The Photo Safari assignment kept failing to upload and after hours of scouring Google and different WordPress forums I still have no answer on how to fix it. As a fail safe I just went ahead and deleted the original post and re-wrote the entire thing as a new blog post-which worked. I was able to organize my website much better than I had it the first time around and I see where I made mistakes. I’m happy to say that my website looks now exactly how I want and that I am much more organized going into future assignments.

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