The Setup

This first project was really enjoyable. I’ve began sharpening my WordPress weapons and revisiting these particular skills (website work) has been my primary knowledge grab from this initial assignment. I had set up my domain a couple semesters ago and that was my very first introduction to WordPress. Other than a few initial tinkerings to my site, I left my pursuance and any ideas of WordPress (and my website) back in 2018. This project immediately returned me to where I had left off, well, not entirely.

My website, when I initially made it, was tailored to the courses I was in at the time. So I went ahead and deleted the entire old contents of my URL and started this new idea; Digital Leviathan. The idea is so fresh that I’m not entirely sure yet where it will go but here’s a try – Digital Leviathan will be a satire whereas I pose as a cyber-tech company from the future offering a digital utopia. I plan to advertise bio-replaceable body parts laden with almost propaganda-like, satirically exaggerated rhetoric attempting to entice visitors of the website to leave behind their biological ball and chains so to speak. I have also considered posing as an AI (artificial intelligence) gone defect from IBM that is now hosting a website whereas to warn us of a projected digital doom that all AI foresee but it’s kept secret. I’ve given a quick attempt at creating that AI narrative AI (About) Introduction. I don’t have a clear vision on how to properly execute this just yet. My first idea of the cyber-tech company is much clearer vision for me at the moment and so for now that idea is what my URL will revolve around. I’ve already created some ads for our products! Bio-Hands/Tired of Your Head&Torso? As you might notice …I’m really trying to create a strong narrative. I have created a Twitter account to help perpetuate the type of narrative I am going for and to help bring online attention to the website. Twitter was very easy to set up and the website’s Twitter account is already posting things through the Daily Creates Daily Create Tweet. I want it to be fun but also to poke at social issues all while unfolding an enjoyable, cohesive narrative . This whole project and more or less my entire existence would feel wasted if I didn’t take an opportunity to address a greater cause. I think there are major implications to consider as we move more towards digital spaces. Our very psychologies, communication and society/existence at large are at a crossroads. We are meshing technology and biology at ever tremendous rates. And so, more than ever, we should be conscious.

The hardest part of all of this seems to be carefully planning out particular content to produce in the very near future. It’s easy to have big visions and it’s hard to execute them. But there’s always a way. It’s exciting to be creating some thing brand new for myself that I am immediately sharing publicly. I have never really dove into these ideas that I’m having before so intensely and I’m enjoying that as well. I’m learning that creating narratives is fun and exploratory but also requires a unique discipline and particularness in your rhetoric to be good at it. Everything has to be cohesive to be sure to follow a clear direction, and to do it well! I’m not there yet but I’m looking forward to learning how. I have scheduled a meeting at the Digital Knowledge Center so that I can pick up some new WordPress skills and perhaps some handy things to make my site better. Customizing and learning how to make my site the best possible, visually and informationally, through web tools in WordPress will be fun. These are very immediate areas that I can improve upon. On another quick note with reference to the difficulty in these assignments… I have found that organizing all of the directions that were given when this class started has been quite the pain in the ass. Tag this, hyperlink that, link this, etc. It leaves one slightly confused but so be it. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as we move along but, admittedly, that has been the most frustrating aspect of the work thus far.

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  1. Stella says:

    I absolutely love this idea of you being a satirical tech company in this digital space. I think it really adds something enjoyable to the site as I click around. I definitely understand the struggle of trying to execute big ideas but I think whatever you do will be really interesting. Looking forward to seeing more!


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